The Heart of Immortality

Softly gaze into the depth of my heart:

I am fragile ~ Yet I am SO strong:

Delve deeper into your heart:

I will be with you there. 

Forever. Forever. ~Ally.


The rockpool had already been formed by a scattering of small rocks,  sculpted to leave the shape of a heart at the centre. The idea was to form a rockpool with a ‘natural’ appearance with just a hint of it being heart shaped.

Some tiny spiraling shells were added before water was trickled in,  completely covering the arrangement without disturbing the formation. Small rocks generally don’t move out of place, but the lighter shells tend to immediately start floating. Most of the time I let them settle naturally, but sometimes I’ll guide them back ~ Or along into their final resting place.

After the water was frozen, a few more smaller rocks were added to suggest a bank of rocks sloping away from the centre of the pool. Groupings of larger rocks were placed a little further out from the edge. A few more shells were added, nestling between rocks above the ice level.

The final touch was to add some pink blossoms to the centre of the rockpool ~ Suggesting the beauty of the inner blossoming of the heart.

Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable. ~Mahatma Gandhi.

Outer Heart:

Another heart was formed with pink blossoms. This time on the banks of the rockpool. Looks simple? Was actually quite tricky because of the different heights and spacings of the outer rocks.

Plum Blossom:

The appearance of Plum Blossom reminds us that Springtime is on her way after Winter’s bitterness ~ Signifying the strength and courage that grows through the endurance of hardship.

And a heart of Plum Blossom lifts our Spirit  ~ Trusting that life will continue to regenerate.

Where there is love there is life. ~Mahatma Gandhi.


A few bright pink azaleas were placed in the foreground. Adding beauty in vibrant colour and curling forms, transparency and fragility.

Like the blossom, the azalea is renowned for its delicate beauty. The flower is a symbol of femininity and womanhood, love and gentleness.

Azaleas corresponds to the Heart Chakra and suggests to us that we learn to live in moderation, practice temperance and taking care of ourselves and loved ones.


The colour pink is attuned to the Heart Centre and whispers of love and femininity. Early awakenings of romantic love ~ A mother’s love filled with tenderness for those she cares for.

Let us work together for unity and love. ~Mahatma Gandhi.

About my work:

Relatively small assemblages are built from flowers, weeds and plants combined with other natural materials that I find in the local bushland or surrounding urban streets.

During the creation of these pieces ~ The process is incredibly magical. Thoughts of anything else are silenced. I simply watch as the different elements greet, merge, compliment and/or contrast  with each other.

Hundreds  of photographs are taken at different stages of the arrangements. Then ideas/thoughts/words that come to me, as I look at the resulting images give form to a new expression ~ Short ‘poems.’

Introduction at:  Welcome to Earth ♥︎ Sand ♥︎ Water ♥︎ Ice


I work with the notion that the energy that supported the creation of these assemblages in ice ~ Can be made palpable in these photographs.

In viewing these images you may be led to see another dimension to them, from your own reality.  If you have other layers of thought to add ~ Please do.


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