Silvery light. Ripples. Seagulls.

Silvery light. Ripples.
Sine waves. Fast moving clouds.
Reflected. Waxing Moon rising. Still lagoon.
Sky blue water. Silvery shallows. Seagulls form inverted V . ~Ally.

Six seagulls.


Edge of the Lagoon.
SONY Mark2 A7: ISO 250: 35 mm: f/13: 1/100 sec

Seagull duck-diving. Surfacing. Perfect ripples.

I was watching one lone seagull. Observing what was happening to the surrounding water every time he/she dived down and then came back up again. The still water would ripple as he/she dived, so I waited till he/she came up again and photographed the seagull + ripples.


Perfect Ripple.
SONY Mark2 A7: ISO 250: 35 mm: f/13: 1/100 sec.

The other side of the lagoon.

The ocean.
Seagulls braced against the wind.
Perfect clouds. Rolling surf. Waves crashing over Long Reef.
Thousands of Footprints. Ghosts of just another day at the beach.

Ghosts of Today.
SONY Mark2 A7: ISO 250: 35 mm: f/13: 1/100 sec.

Gulls in a row.

Two seagulls directly in front of me.
A third seagull gliding towards them.
Waiting. Breathing. Waiting. Breathing.
Three seagulls directly in front of me. NOW.

Three seagulls. ~Ally
SONY Mark2 A7: ISO 250: 35 mm: f/13: 1/100 sec.
The Long Reef Headland was declared an aquatic reserve in 1980 to protect marine invertebrates found on the rock platforms and subtidal marine plants and animals.
The Lagoon is a wildlife refuge that spread over 77 hectares of important land and water habitat for native animals, including local and migratory birds.

Magic at play.

The blue of the water was absolutely magical. Silvery as the late afternoon light shone down upon it. And then every so often the seagulls swam into synchronized positions. Was it my imagination or was magic at play here?

I feel ever SO grateful to be an artist sometimes. To see and then share the beauty in so many ‘little things’ like this that can then be expressed through my photography.

I find that the more I can simply be there in the moment, wherever I happen to be, the more I will see in the way of subtle tones, patterns and formations. And the more I feel this ‘seeing’ the higher my spirit, and the more open to wonder I become.

Every day gives us a new opportunity to experience so many magical moments. And with a little help from my ‘Creative Muse’ I love to photograph new spaces that also give the ‘Creative Muse’ a renewed ‘breath of fresh air.’

Magical Moments(1)

This article was originally posted at my Steemit website and titled: Magical Moments.

All photographs: ©Alison Lee Cousland.

Source: Long Reef Reserve.




Welcome to Earth ♥︎ Sand ♥︎ Water ♥︎ Ice

My Background:

After working with many traditional art modalities: painting, drawing and printmaking, mixed media and photography, environmental sculpture and ephemeral art ~ My art making has now become far more attuned to working directly with nature.


I work with relatively small assemblages, built up from branches, twigs and fronds, flowers and other plants, combined with other natural materials like pieces of bark and seed pods, that I find in the local bushland or surrounding urban streets. I liken these arrangements to ‘nests’ and ‘towers.’

Arrangements in Ice:

I also work with arrangements of these and other natural materials in earth, sand, water and ice. The creative process is similar ie start with one element, pause, and see what it needs. Just the tangible processes vary: Adapting to suit the medium.

Creative Process:

During the creation of my artscapes the process is all embracing and incredibly magical. Thoughts of anything else are silenced.

I fall in love with the individual pieces of nature, fresh or faded that I’m using and then how the different elements can greet, merge, compliment or contrast with each other.

I’ll describe some of the processes involved with the production and photography of individual works in my articles.


Hundreds of photographs are taken at the different stages of any one artscape, that can’t possibly capture the actual beauty I see with my eyes or the feelings felt while adding and removing, arranging and rearranging components.

As selected photographs are given just a touch of Lightroom magic, I watch them give form to new expressions, that often can be enhanced by other ideas/thoughts/words that come to me, as I look at the image.


Words based on the actual image and the symbolism of the elements that have been used are manipulated, as a collage of words, into short ‘poems.’ Words are also based on what has been or is happening in my day/week/month/year/life:  A quote I’m drawn to, a comment on a social network, a spoken word ~ Whatever I am sensitive to in my surroundings at the time.

Sometimes the resulting ‘poems’ show me aspects of a piece that I couldn’t see before. As do comments from other people ~ Who may see and add another layer from their own reality.

Comments are Welcome:

So if the beauty of a white chrysanthemum flower on a dried stick covered with lichen speaks to you ~ I’ll be most delighted to hear your thoughts.