A Heart filled with Joy

Spring brings Joy to the Heart:

A fragrant balm to the Air:

Living on Land and Sea:

Dolphins and Whales:

Her middle name:

Is Joy. ~Ally.


A rockpool with a ‘natural’ appearance with just a hint of it being heart shaped had already been formed by a scattering of small rocks, sculpted to leave the shape of a heart at the centre, then covered in water and frozen.

Some tiny spiraling shells were added to the surface of the ice with three flat aquamarine crystals placed at the centre.


Aquamarine has been called ‘The stone of sailors’ ~ Providing protection when upon the water. It’s also called ‘Water of the Sea’ because of its soft aqua colour.

Aquamarine is believed to support a greater peace and serenity within one’s being, along with the wisdom to see truth. Making it an excellent stone for uplifting your spirit and to use when meditating or simply gazing out to sea.

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. ~Marianne Williamson.

Symbolism of the Spiral:

These tiny spiraling shells are often included in my rock-pool images along with other shells.

There’s something about a spiral that we are intuitively drawn to: Which is not all that surprising considering that the spiral is one of the most ancient of all sacred symbols.

An archetypal symbol, that in ancient cultures and religious traditions represented the cosmos and the movement of creation, the spiral relates to the journey of life, from inner to outer or from worldly existence to the return of our spiritual essence.

Linked to the forces and cycles of nature and the seasons, the spiral is also associated with the energy of growth and evolution, femininity and intuition, fertility, the womb and birth.

Seeing the spiral, a symbol of change, progression, and development: Either in nature, as an inscription, or as part of an artwork, can assist us to accept change as a positive flow, even as it appears that our lives may become most uncomfortable in the transition.

My favourite of all the portrayals given to the spiral is that of being: The slow revealer of things that are hidden.


Another layer of water, partially covering some of the shells and the aquamarine crystals was frozen. Three double jonquils were placed on the ice ~ One for each aquamarine ‘lily pad.’

Spring brings Joy to the Heart: A fragrant balm to the Air. ~Ally.

The Nature of  Imperfection:

Initially the tiny shells were arranged to emphasize the heart shape of the rock-pool ~ But perfection slide into random disarray as soon as the ice started to melt.

Larger rocks were placed on the ice, around the edges of the rockpool.

Living on Land and Sea: Dolphins and Whales. ~Ally.

Essence of  Jonquil:

Jonquils signal the arrival of Spring and in the northern hemisphere are considered to be the birth flower of people born in March. I guess that would also mean that Jonquil is the birth flower of people born in September in the southern hemisphere?

When life seems to become a little overwhelming ~ It’s a good time to let yourself be intoxicated by both Jonquil’s visual beauty and perfume. Feeling the joy this can bring.

And if you start to feel that this world is traveling way too fast for you and that life can never be quite the same again, the healing essence of Jonquil will allow you to accept this as ‘Just the way it is’ at this time ~ However its vibration will also help to ground you so that you can ‘Slow down and smell the Jonquils’ and then ‘Go with the flow’ to move more confidently into the ‘Unknown.’

More rocks were built up around the edges of the rockpool. The ice had started to melt. The spiral shells were becoming more visible.

Her middle name:  Is Joy.  ~Ally.

Ephemeral nature of my work:

One of the joys of working with water and ice as my media, is that most of my materials, like these shells and stones,  and the lichen covered branches and twigs (still to come) are recyclable.

After being photographed, the ice is allowed to melt and all the materials are gathered up and restored. The flowers are often floated in bowls of water, as simple house and garden decor.

About my work:

Relatively small assemblages are built from flowers, weeds and plants combined with other natural materials that I find in the local bushland or surrounding urban streets.

During the creation of these pieces ~ The process is incredibly magical. Thoughts of anything else are silenced. I simply watch as the different elements greet, merge, compliment and/or contrast  with each other.

Hundreds  of photographs are taken at different stages of the arrangements. Then ideas/thoughts/words that come to me, as I look at the resulting images give form to a new expression ~ Short ‘poems.’

Introduction at:  Welcome to Earth ♥︎ Sand ♥︎ Water ♥︎ Ice


I work with the notion that the energy that supported the creation of these assemblages in ice ~ Can be made palpable in these photographs.

In viewing these images you may be led to see another dimension to them, from your own reality.  If you have other layers of thought to add ~ Please do.